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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First [art] Love - 'Twelve Bubbles' by Lenore Cohen

People often ask me if I'm an art collector, since I write about so many art galleries and museums in New York City. 'No, I'm not, but I sure wish I was!' is my typical answer. Until yesterday, June 21, 2011, I didn't even own any original art (I did have a piece from an art store, but it was a replica). All of that changed when I met Brooklyn-based artist Lenore Cohen.

One day, while perusing Twitter for new NYC artists to follow, I stumbled upon @thatartistgirl, Lenore Cohen. I enjoyed writing about events that Lenore participated in, such as the One-night Group Exhibit of Young Artists at Chelsea Modern back in May, and viewing photos of her artwork in various stages of completion.

I absolutely fell in love with a piece by Lenore titled "Twelve Bubbles." It was my first love. First art love, that is. I love the soft, yet strong palette and the geometric, yet almost floral, design. My bookcase was almost screaming 'twelve bubbles'! As I mentioned, I never purchased original art before and thought that if I ever could afford to, I'd buy a Lenore Cohen original. The tides turned in my favor and I received a promotion at my job. As a treat, I decided to contact Lenore and arrange a viewing.

We met in a local Starbucks for me to view my soon-to-be first painting. We chatted briefly as Lenore explained how she created this piece and helped me find all 12 bubbles. Oddly enough, I could find the 'hard to find' bubbles, but didn't see the obvious ones!

I jealously guarded my new pieces while walking to my car through the bustling streets of SoHo. It was a day of firsts. This was my first original art purchase. I was Lenore's first sell to a first-time buyer and first sell to an online customer. Lenore is an extremely talented artist. I can see that she will go far and soon her works will be well above my price point. One day, when her works are hanging all over the world, I'll be able to say that I too, have an original Lenore Cohen.

Moral of the story: always go with your first love.
Me with my new 'Twelve Bubbles' - still unframed


  1. Art is cool.


  2. great blog and congrats on your new ownership !

  3. How fun!

    I also love art and look for original work often! It's so much fun!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad that you have this. I hope that piece by piece, you are able to accumulate a great many works that speak to you, because you are clearly someone who has a genuine appreciation for art.

    I'm just delighted for you!