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Friday, June 17, 2011

Feature Friday’s on Arts of NYC: DC Moore Gallery in Chelsea

The Arts of New York City has a new feature on the site called “Feature Friday’s” where one gallery or artist will be highlighted for their excellence in bringing arts to NYC. This week’s feature is awarded to DC Moore Gallery.

DC Moore Gallery specializes in American 20th century and contemporary art from a collection of over 20 artists that they represent. The relatively large staff works with collectors, museums and art professionals to acquire and sell fabulous art.

Currently, DC Moore Gallery is featuring two simultaneous exhibitions in honor of the great George Tooker. The "Reality Returns as a Dream" exhibition features the rare and unseen works of George Tooker. Below is a little bit about the exhibition.

George Tooker was a world renowned artist whose works have been featured globally. He was one of the 2007 recipients of the National Medal of Arts, presented by then President George Bush. Tooker is often associated with the genre of magic realism, which he didn’t take a liking to. He didn’t feel his works were fantasy or Surrealism, but he was after “painting reality impressed on the mind so hard that it returns as a dream, but I am not after painting dreams as such, or fantasy.”

More about the "Reality Returns as a Dream" exhibition can be found here.

In addition, DC Moore Gallery is also featuring the works of several of George Tooker's close friends and associates. Here is a little about "An Intimate Circle."

Known for his influence on Magic Realism, Tooker personally influenced and befriended many artists. These artists, particularly Paul Cadmus, Jared French, Margaret French, and George Platt Lynes, have all held personal and/or professional relationships with Tooker. The works of George Tooker and his close friends will be featured in the simultaneous exhibition fittingly entitled “An Intimate Circle.”

More about the "An Intimate Circle" exhibition can be found here.

DC Moore Gallery continues to bring New York City the beauty of art, while celebrating the lives of great artists. Check out their two current exhibitions. 

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