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The arts of New York City are diverse and beautiful, yet many never see more than the well-known galleries or museums. The Arts of New York City will bring you exhibitions and events from lesser-known and under-appreciated galleries, museums, concert halls and more. Not everyone is an art connoisseur, but everyone can feel like one. The Arts of New York City is alive.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

White Columns & RVNG Intl. Record Launch Party & Performance

Quick Facts
Neighborhood: West Village
Medium: Performance
Date(s): July 14, 2011

There are few galleries in NYC that continually prove they whole-heartedly support the arts, in all its forms. White Columns gallery is one of those rare places. For over 40 years, White Columns has been supporting emerging artists and educating New Yorkers. In addition to fine art, the gallery also celebrates performance art through live, site-specific installations where artists can create musical masterpieces.

Back in Fall 2010, White Columns offered a rare glimpse into the creative process of Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori. The two sat in a cubicle in the middle of the Project Room and collaborated on two experimental songs. The entire process could be watched in person or via webcam. Later, the pair re-united, without the audience, and created two more songs. These songs, along with two bonus tracks, became their newest LP, “FRKWYS Vol. 6.”

To celebrate their new record, White Columns and RVNG Intl. will hold a record launch and performance event on July 14, 2011 from 6:30p.m. to 8:30p.m. The record, along with accompanying art book, will be made available for purchase. [While you’re there, check out the end of their current five-person exhibit. Read more.]

Listen to one of RVNG’s tracks here.

Listen to more of RVNG’s music here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Arcadia Fine Arts' First Themed Exhibition: 'Flora Abunda'

Quick Facts
Style: Realism
Date(s): July 7 to July 21, 2011

The Arcadia Fine Arts Gallery is a NYC gallery founded in 1998 and showcases contemporary, representational artwork. They take pride in showing the works of the masters and soon-to-be masters. Unlike many other galleries, Arcadia Fine Arts is open seven days a week, allowing for optimal viewing.

Arcadia Fine Arts is not known for having themed exhibitions, like some other galleries enjoy, yet they are having their first themed exhibition this summer. The focus is on the beauty of flowers. As described by the gallery, “the range of interpretations are as diverse as the featured artists themselves.  Indulge in this exploration of beauty, through the eyes of Arcadia's finest.”

The artists participating in this themed group exhibition are, Ron Hicks, Kerry Brooks, Malcolm T. Liepke, Daniel Sprick, Jeremy Lipking, Paul Raymond Seaton, Michael Klein, Francis Livingston, Nancy Depew, Jefferson Hayman, and Brad Kunkle.

This exhibition will take place from July 7 to July 21, 2011 with an opening reception being held on July 6 from 6-8p.m.

Arcadia Fine Arts

51 Greene Street

New YorkNY 10013
What do you think about these beautiful paintings? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.
Jeremy Lipking, "Flowers On The Table" – Arcadia Fine Arts Gallery
Ron Hicks, "The Garden Wall" – Arcadia Fine Arts Gallery

Friday, July 1, 2011

Feature Friday's on Arts of NYC: ‘Summer Affair’ Highlights the Work of 8 Artists at fordPROJECT

Quick Facts
Neighborhood: Midtown Center
Medium: Mixed
Date(s): July 29 to August 10, 2011

The fordPROJECT is new gallery, opening in January 2011, directed by Tim Goossens and Rachel Vancelette. They describe the gallery as a space “designed for site-specific installations, exhibitions, artist commissions, art collectives, curatorial programs, collaborative initiatives and more.”

The current exhibition is entitled “Summer Affair” and features the works of eight artists including Alessandro Belgiojoso, Christopher Saunders, Winston Chmielinski, Virginia Overton, Manuela Paz, Stephen j. Shanabrook/Veronika Georgieva, Shin il Kim, and Zdravko Toic. The exhibition was curated by two “fantasy collectors,” while they were having a summer affair. How fitting!

The curators aimed at displaying works that display the wonderful quality of how a “viewer engages and lives with the art.” Considering the fact that the fordPROJECT penthouse gallery was once an apartment owned by tragic lovers, the exhibition is quite fitting.

One of the artists featured, Alessandro Belgiojoso, will display his work that shows the annual Redentore festival in Venice, celebrating the end of the 1576 plague. It may seem like a grim celebration, but his painting is quite the opposite. The beautiful reflections of the fireworks on the water only begin to emphasize its beauty.

The fordPROJECT “Summer Affair” exhibit will be on display from June 29 to August 10, 2011.

57 W 57th St.
Penthouse Floors 19 & 20
New York, NY 10019

View images
Part of "Summer Affair" at fordPROJECT

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First [art] Love - 'Twelve Bubbles' by Lenore Cohen

People often ask me if I'm an art collector, since I write about so many art galleries and museums in New York City. 'No, I'm not, but I sure wish I was!' is my typical answer. Until yesterday, June 21, 2011, I didn't even own any original art (I did have a piece from an art store, but it was a replica). All of that changed when I met Brooklyn-based artist Lenore Cohen.

One day, while perusing Twitter for new NYC artists to follow, I stumbled upon @thatartistgirl, Lenore Cohen. I enjoyed writing about events that Lenore participated in, such as the One-night Group Exhibit of Young Artists at Chelsea Modern back in May, and viewing photos of her artwork in various stages of completion.

I absolutely fell in love with a piece by Lenore titled "Twelve Bubbles." It was my first love. First art love, that is. I love the soft, yet strong palette and the geometric, yet almost floral, design. My bookcase was almost screaming 'twelve bubbles'! As I mentioned, I never purchased original art before and thought that if I ever could afford to, I'd buy a Lenore Cohen original. The tides turned in my favor and I received a promotion at my job. As a treat, I decided to contact Lenore and arrange a viewing.

We met in a local Starbucks for me to view my soon-to-be first painting. We chatted briefly as Lenore explained how she created this piece and helped me find all 12 bubbles. Oddly enough, I could find the 'hard to find' bubbles, but didn't see the obvious ones!

I jealously guarded my new pieces while walking to my car through the bustling streets of SoHo. It was a day of firsts. This was my first original art purchase. I was Lenore's first sell to a first-time buyer and first sell to an online customer. Lenore is an extremely talented artist. I can see that she will go far and soon her works will be well above my price point. One day, when her works are hanging all over the world, I'll be able to say that I too, have an original Lenore Cohen.

Moral of the story: always go with your first love.
Me with my new 'Twelve Bubbles' - still unframed

Monday, June 20, 2011

Horton Gallery Throws a 'Monkey Wrench'

Quick Facts
Neighborhood: Chelsea
Style: Impressionism
Date(s): June 24 to July 22, 2011

Monkey wrench (n): something that interferes with functioning; obstacle.

When referred to in conversation, a monkey wrench is a negative word to express an interruption in set plans or expectations. In a similar way, the artists featured in the Horton Gallery "Monkey Wrench" exhibition don't follow conventions and don't feel the need for traditionalism. The artists featured in this exhibit are Stacy Fisher, Michael Berryhill, Hilary Harnischfeger, Sally Ross, Wallace Whitney and Kate Steciw.

In this exhibit, the artists use "complicated modes of image-making as well as categories of artistic media" to build the complex visual layers on their works. They skew traditional representations and develop something brand new. The Michael Berryhill work seen below, "Pop up" is a perfect example of that. The object seems to 'pop up' from the pages of the book, yet it never fully resolves. The mystery leaves much to the imagination of the viewer.

The "Monkey Wrench" exhibit will be on display at Horton Gallery from June 24 to July 22, 2011. A special opening reception will be held on June 24 from 6-8p.m.

Michael Berryhill

Pop Up

Oil on linen
12x9.5" / 30.4x24.1cm

Friday, June 17, 2011

Feature Friday’s on Arts of NYC: DC Moore Gallery in Chelsea

The Arts of New York City has a new feature on the site called “Feature Friday’s” where one gallery or artist will be highlighted for their excellence in bringing arts to NYC. This week’s feature is awarded to DC Moore Gallery.

DC Moore Gallery specializes in American 20th century and contemporary art from a collection of over 20 artists that they represent. The relatively large staff works with collectors, museums and art professionals to acquire and sell fabulous art.

Currently, DC Moore Gallery is featuring two simultaneous exhibitions in honor of the great George Tooker. The "Reality Returns as a Dream" exhibition features the rare and unseen works of George Tooker. Below is a little bit about the exhibition.

George Tooker was a world renowned artist whose works have been featured globally. He was one of the 2007 recipients of the National Medal of Arts, presented by then President George Bush. Tooker is often associated with the genre of magic realism, which he didn’t take a liking to. He didn’t feel his works were fantasy or Surrealism, but he was after “painting reality impressed on the mind so hard that it returns as a dream, but I am not after painting dreams as such, or fantasy.”

More about the "Reality Returns as a Dream" exhibition can be found here.

In addition, DC Moore Gallery is also featuring the works of several of George Tooker's close friends and associates. Here is a little about "An Intimate Circle."

Known for his influence on Magic Realism, Tooker personally influenced and befriended many artists. These artists, particularly Paul Cadmus, Jared French, Margaret French, and George Platt Lynes, have all held personal and/or professional relationships with Tooker. The works of George Tooker and his close friends will be featured in the simultaneous exhibition fittingly entitled “An Intimate Circle.”

More about the "An Intimate Circle" exhibition can be found here.

DC Moore Gallery continues to bring New York City the beauty of art, while celebrating the lives of great artists. Check out their two current exhibitions. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DC Moore Gallery ‘An Intimate Circle’ Extends Celebration of George Tooker

Quick Facts
Neighborhood: Chelsea
Style: Contemporary
Date(s): June 9 to August 5, 2011

Unlike some galleries that are satisfied with showing only one exhibition at a time, DC Moore Gallery goes above and beyond. The gallery is celebrating the life of acclaimed artist George Tooker by holding two simultaneous exhibitions. The first, “Reality Returned as a Dream” will show rare and unseen Tooker pieces that have been kept in private collections. Read more about the “Reality Returned as a Dream” exhibition here.

Known for his influence on Magic Realism, Tooker personally influenced and befriended many artists. These artists, particularly Paul Cadmus, Jared French, Margaret French, and George Platt Lynes, have all held personal and/or professional relationships with Tooker. The works of George Tooker and his close friends will be featured in the simultaneous exhibition fittingly entitled “An Intimate Circle.”

The relationship between these artists is fascinating to read about. For example, Tooker met Cadmus when he was a young art student in 1944. Cadmus was 16 years his senior and encouraged Tooker to experiment with egg tempera. Soon, this became Tooker’s favorite and principal medium.

The PaJaMa collaborative was founded by Paul Cadmus, Jared French and Margaret French. One of their photographs can be seen below. The three spend many summers together on Fire Island, NY or Provincetown, MA, which is also where much of their photography was taken. Read the DC Moore Gallery website for more information on the long history between these five artists.

The "An Intimate Circle" exhibition will be on display at DC Moore Gallery from June 9 to August 5, 2011.

PaJaMa, Margaret French, George Tooker and Jared French, Nantucket, c. 1946
Vintage Silver print, 5 x 6 7/8 in.